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Go See: Andy Kehoe | Strange Wanderings @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

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Andy Kehoe | Under the Gaze of the Glorious

Inspired by an adventurous cross country move from Oregon back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, here Andy Kehoe shares some insight into his latest body of work: Strange Wanderings.

It was equally inspiring and intimidating seeing nature in that grand of scale. A lot of my work for this show has a sense of scale to it… mostly with creatures that are larger than life. Many of the new paintings have characters that are on journeys, and meet something new and unexpected, some comforting and others frightening. Some of the pieces also deal with finding home and where your heart lies. ~ Andy Kehoe

Be sure to check out Strange Wanderings at Jonathan LeVine Gallery if you’re in the neighborhood. Show runs until April 2nd.

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