Heroes & Villains | Tatiana Wills & Roman Cho

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Heroes & Villains is a unique photographic series by Tatiana Willis and Roman Cho that spotlights some of the most fascinating artist personalities in the New Contemporary Art movement.  The creative subjects of their lens include both emerging and established artists within the world of alt gallery, street, and comics.
Curious to know what the title Heroes & Villains refer to? Roman explains that during the process of shooting it became clear each artist in every genre has his or her fans and his or her detractors; either you love ‘em or you don’t. For instance, most illustrators and painters are put on pedestals by fans, but are often frowned upon by many highbrow gallerists. Depending on which side of the street you stand, street art is either a criminal act or an act of self-expression. Comics serve a more literal function in the theme of heroes and villains, in that their highly imaginative worlds endure the ever constant struggle between good and evil.
Accompanying the artist portraits are 15 interviews written by Amanda Erlanson of Erratic Phenomena. An art enthusiast deeply immersed in the New Contemporary Art scene, Erlanson’s interviews offer tremendous insight into the artists’ hearts and minds.
Whether it’s Shag making himself comfortable in a miniature 1950s home, Natalia Fabia lying nude in her boudoir, or Mister Cartoon flaunting his tattoos and tons of bling, Tatiana Wills and Roman Cho’s gorgeous intimate portrait collection captures the essence of these masters outside of their studios. 
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