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Looking forward to: Dabs Myla @ Thinkspace

August 10, 2011 By: Stephanie - No Comments

Dabs Myla | The Best of Times

The Aussie duo, Dabs Myla have been busy beavers this week as they put the finishing touches on their upcoming show The Best of Times.  The exhibit opens this Saturday, August 13th at Thinkspace and viewers can expect to see some of the artists’ largest works to date, plus a special gallery installation.

Our hopes for the “Best of Times” exhibition is that it will be an in-depth look at how we have experienced and viewed the past two and a half years living in California together. The installation we are creating in the gallery, as well as all the paintings we have made, will hopefully make people feel like they are stepping into the world and imagination of Dabs and Myla. - Dabs and Myla (excerpt from Erratic Phenomena interview)

Save the date: The Best of Times opens at Thinkspace Gallery Saturday, August 13th 5-9pm. All images courtesy of the gallery.

Unicorn Thrill On Hotdog Hill


Dabs Myla in the studio