Sneak Peek: Paddy Wilkins @ CURIO

May 9, 2013 By: Admin - No Comments

On May 11, Curio Studio & Collection will present COLORFORM, the inaugural exhibition of photographic works by Los Angeles artist Paddy Wilkins. COLORFORM is the culmination of Wilkins’ life-long obsession with photography and the fastidious process of capturing images with a vintage “instant” camera in a digital world.

Shot entirely with a Polaroid 600SE, COLORFORM explores the senses with portraiture, focusing on anonymous women and the inherent beauty of both their bodies and what they cover them with. The subject’s identities in the works give way to Wilkins’s focus on form, and the beautiful details captured in sheer fabrics, saturated hues, contrasting patterns and light translated through the medium of real film, without doctoring. In a world where we are manipulated by heavily altered images and impossible beauty, Paddy’s photos present a timeless, and unfiltered glimpse of woman.

Saturday, May 11th 7-11pm
Curio Studio & Collection
324 Sunset Ave
Venice, CA 90291